A Welcome post! How original it is! ūüôā

It is somehow due for all the newcomers that are now getting into this new website for the “ROUTE-TO-PA Working Group“, whatever it is!

If you have heard of the ROUTE-TO-PA project, you know that it is a Research and Innovation Action funded through the European Union Horizon 2020 program, whose aim was to improve the impact of ICT-based technology for transparency, by engaging citizens in interacting socially over open data, allowing them to discuss about, visualize, and co-create open data.

The project has delivered a Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD), a Transparency-Enhancing Toolset (TET)  and a set of recommendations (GUIDE) as a collection of good practices and suggestions.

If you had not heard about the project, well, now you know something, at least!

So, why a Working Group? Because the project has finished its time, has produced results, evaluations and pilot activities (see the http://project.routetopa.eu website for more details), and then we want to continue our effort on keeping the technology and the methods alive and available for all the Public Administrations and communities that may be interested in them.

So, the participants to the Working Group have decided to devote a small part of their effort in mantaining this site and providing further information about the ROUTE-TO-PA architecture. If you want to know who are the participants, you can find them in The Team.

If you are representing or work for a Public Administration or are active in a community that may find ROUTE-TO-PA tools useful, or if you simply want to know more and try it out, we offer here a place where you can access the SPOD (http://spod.routetopa.eu) or the TET (http://tet.routetopa.eu)

And, then.. Welcome to you! Here you can find the latest news on the ROUTE-TO-PA software and methodology, on who is adopting the technology, about the further developments, and technical pointers for developers. Hope you will like it! Thanks for dropping by and come back soon!


Vittorio Scarano and the Working Group