SPOD Platform v.3.4 Release is out!


Our team is proud and happy to release the new version 3.4 (Raffaele) of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD), the first one produced by the Working Group!

Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in SPOD Platform 3.4 (available at following address http://spod.routetopa.eu/):


  • Cocreation room introduces Quality and Privacy checks with Artificial Intelligence (AI), related technology during the co-creation phase. Each users can optionally run the quality and privacy checks directly within the the cocreation data room.  A guided process (checking type inference, content and structural privacy breaches) enables the user to have immediate feedback of quality and privacy problems of the dataset until it’s published.
    • A new feature is  in the Cocreation, named “Quality Check”:
    • The quality assessment has the objective to help the user in identifying heterogeneous columns – for instance, a column which contains all numbers except a small number of textual information
    • The privacy assessment aims to help the user in identifying privacy breaches within the dataset (i.e. person name and surname, e-mail, IBANs, telephone numbers)
  • Controllet is enhanced  by  a step-by-step  quick guide
    •  A quick tour, in each step of the Controllet, highlights the main features.
 The Release Notes of the new version of SPOD platform v.3.4 “Raffaele” are available  here.