mAPPa the Tabernacle in Prato (Italy)

The children of the catechism of the parishes of the Diocese of Prato will build a mapping of the tabernacles in the city with the SPOD tools, working together with catechists to enhance a religious and cultural heritage that makes Prato a city rich in Marian tradition. The project is financed by the Municipality of […]

Research papers presentation, DG.O 2019 Dubai UAE, June 18-20

Two papers, both accepted by DG.O 2019, will be presented by Vittorio Scarano, Dipartimento of Informatica: “A Non-prescriptive Environment to Scaffold High Quality and Privacy-aware Production of Open Data with AI” of Giuseppe Ferretti, Delfina Malandrino, Maria Angela Pellegrino, Donato Pirozzi, Gianluigi Renzi e Vittorio Scarano “Re-using Open Data by Automatically Building Immersive Virtual Reality […]