SPOD Platform v.3.4 Release is out!

Our team is proud and happy to release the new version 3.4 (Raffaele) of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD), the first one produced by the Working Group! Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in SPOD Platform 3.4 (available at following address http://spod.routetopa.eu/):   Cocreation room introduces Quality and Privacy checks with Artificial Intelligence (AI), related […]

mAPPa the Tabernacle in Prato (Italy)

The children of the catechism of the parishes of the Diocese of Prato will build a mapping of the tabernacles in the city with the SPOD tools, working together with catechists to enhance a religious and cultural heritage that makes Prato a city rich in Marian tradition. The project is financed by the Municipality of […]