SPOD (Social Platform of Open Data, available at link ) is a social platform and, then, enables the traditional social features among users. A user can write a status, can join ongoing discussions, comment and like others’ status/comments. As in social networks, we can establish friendship with other users, chat with them and see what they are doing.

But SPOD also offers some new features like attaching visualization of datasets (called datalets) to the comments, advanced “Public rooms” for the discussion (with support to the navigation and orientation), a “Private space” where each one can practice and build privately datalets, and a collaborative group where data can be co-created.

When you enter, you find yourself into the “What’s new” page which shows what the other SPOD users are currently doing, what public rooms are currently being updated, display updates about your friends, and (on the left) it shows synthetic information about the status of the SPOD, some help video and Tweets from relevant sources.

The User guides  for the  Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD)   and TET platform are available below



User Guide

Datalet, Agora , private rooms.

Cocreation data, media

and knowledge rooms...

Adminstrator Guide

Registration, plugins management ,

News Feed customization, users management,

Language internazionalization ...