Here we list all the early adopters of the technology, during and after the ROUTE-TO-PA project.The implementation of the ROUTE-TO-PA tools in user contexts is guided by a scenario based design of pilot-interventions. This is a co-creation approach in which we negotiate with the users appropriate scenarios in order to take into account situational aims, needs, barriers and assets.

Additional information about real cases can be also found in the project website, in the section about the pilots.

Regional Council of Campania Region

Since December 2016, the Regional Council of Campania Region has signed a 3-year collaboration framework with the Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Salerno, for support and training on the Open Data and for hosting a version of the Social Platform for Open Data, and an Open Data Repository for their purpose of publishing high quality Open Data. The contract is going to cover and support the activities through all 2019.


The company is providing services to the Regional Government of Regione Campania and is buying support and collaboration on the private installation of a Social Platform for Open Data into the Regional intranet, with the aim of its integration into the i.Ter geographical system.


FESTIVAL (FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms) is an H2020 EU-Japan collaborative project aims to makes heterogeneous testbeds interoperable building an Experimentation as a Service (EaaS) model.

One of the components of the FESTIVAL’s architecture is the Federate Open Data Catalogue portal, showing a first integration with DEEP application of the ROUTE-TO-PA project for creating datalets and allow visualization of open data.