A scenario based approach  for preparation and use of the Social Platform

Offering potentially good technology and manuals is not sufficient for successful implementation. Therefore, our service offer also includes a scenario based approach  for preparation and use of the tools. This approach is based on instructional design, but does not prescribe in detail every step a participant of the scenario is supposed to do. Instead, it focuses on descriptives: the goals, the desired outcomes, the desired types of actions, the precise role of technology, foreseen obstacles and finally, the planning of the pilot. The order of descriptors in the scenario is crucial, and the setup allows for modifications and several iterations while the intervention is running. These modifications to the scenario may gradually lead to a desired description of what is feasible in a particular context.

The flexibility and the focus on the details of the intervention are an innovation compared to previous approaches, as they afford an agile or design-based approach to gradually evolve into a appropriate situation.

These scenarios would help users in finding and elaborating meaningful applications and practices for working with open data, exploiting what the tools are affording.

This support  includes

  •  Form of several workshops during which participants co-create effective scenarios, moderated on-site by experienced researchers.

The number of workshops and type of support will be all tailored to the needs of the users.