The specific objectives of the working group for the upcoming twelve months are:

  • To discuss the possible composition of a ROUTE-TO-PA WG manifesto (declaration).
  • To exploit the project outcomes and more specifically to exploit the ROUTE-TO-PA platform that consists of SPOD and TET. This can be achieved by presenting the Platform to various important events and to various key stakeholders.
  • To continue discussions around the broad topic of Open Data and Transparency in Public Administrations. The working group will have a mailing list where discussions around the ROUTE-TO-PA topics will take place.
  • To keep the project’s website (http://www.routetopa.eu) active by posting relevant news items and informing about the working group’s activities. The target is to post at least 1 article per month. The names of the authors will be displayed in each post.
  • To keep the project’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) active by posting at least 2 times per month.
  • To keep the ROUTE-TO-PA platform active: the key stakeholders that designed and developed the platform are planning to maintain it for at least 3 years after the end of the project. Together with the help of the working group members, our aim is to continuously update it and propose new development efforts. In detail, the WG will mantain:
  • To identify new research opportunities and collaboratively work on the preparation of research proposals in relation to the ROUTE-TO-PA.
  • To discuss about adding new members to the working group. Experts can express their interest and the working group can discuss every six months and decide whether they should be included or not.

How will it evolve

The ROUTE-TO-PA WP could include in next phases of its existence, other individuals that were not involved in the ROUTE-TO-PA project. This way, it could be established either formally or informally as a broader open network.