SPOD Platform v.3.3 Release!


Our team is proud and happy to release the new version 3.3 (Zosma) of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD), the first one produced by the Working Group!

Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in SPOD Platform 3.3 (available at following address http://spod.routetopa.eu/):
  • Deep2 (DatalEt-Ecosystem Provide), the subsystem that offers the visualization components has been entirely redesigned to improve performances and for greater usability (more details below).
  • Cocreation room:A new User-friendly Interface in the Cocreation:
    • Each cocreated room shows more details, such as the description, the avatar of the    owner of the room.
    • The main menu of the cocreation provides   information such as the ownership of the room,  pending and accepted  invites for
      the cocreated room;   title and description of the room.
    • The form in the Cocreation introduces types of roles (the ownership and user rules): the ownership of the room can create, modify the form; all other users can add only new rows to the questionnaire.
  • Commentarium room introduces the type of roles (the creator and annotator) and tags in a shared document.
  • New datalets included (also provided within the Controllet, such as Polar, Spider, Funnel Pyramid and, CloudWord charts)
  • Datalets now provides an improved exporter of images.
  • Translation of SPOD is now also available in Mandarin Chines (thanks to the collaboration with the Dept. of Public Administration and Management of the National University of Taiwan).
 The Release Notes of the new version of SPOD platform v.3.3“Zosma” are available  here.