October 9, 2018, Brussels, Belgium: OpenGoV Co-production & Co-creation: Sharing experiences from Regions and Cities


The aim of this participatory session is to promote the uptake of Horizon 2020 projects results in the field of ICT enabled Open Government, both at regional and local level, by fostering peer learning and networking activities. Project partners will discuss with the participants the experience with pilots using co-creation concepts across the EU. Questions will be debated and addressed by involved stakeholders, policy-makers, administrators, researchers and professionals. This will create the context for inspired roundtable discussions among the participants on the future of co-creation.


Code: 9PS74
Format: Participatory sessions
Moderator: Vittorio Scarano
Speakers: Giorgio Costantino, Juliane Jarke, David Ludlow, Gianluca Misuraca
Thematic cluster: ICT and digital
Organisers: Assembly of European Regions , REA
Languages: english (en)
Venue: Building SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 400
Registration Deadline: 28/09/2018