SPOD Platform 3.2 Released!

Commentarium room

We are very proud to announce that SPOD Platform 3.2 has been released.
Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in SPOD Platform 3.2:

  • Commentarium room”: a new type of Co-creation room. A new feature has been introduced in the Co-creation. Commentarium room allows the owner of the room to upload and modify a document, and adding comments; all invited users can only add annotations to the document (that is in read only) and it is possible to mark the text originally selected when user adds a comment.
  • Multiple metadata profiles: we have introduced now the possibility to use which metadata profile you want to use. We added DCAT application profile (DCAT-AP) besides Dublin Core Metadata. We will add new profiles as needed.

This common metadata schema allows:

  • Increase the discoverability of the open data
  •  Increase the re-use of the data
  •  Accessibility and multilingual aspects
  • Licence vocabularies
  • Search across platforms with no difficulties of separate models or different languages.

The SPOD platform  allows to choose the metadata standard (DCAT-AP-it or Dublin Core for now) in the cocreation rooms. In addition, SPOD platform allows to publish on the CKAN portal with DCAT-AP conform metadata.